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Expert solutions

Innovative custom labels

Under “Faubel – More than just labels”, the business units of Faubel Pharma Services and Faubel Creative Solutions join forces.

Our product range includes booklet labels, single- and multi-layer labels, mini-brochures and package inserts. Development, material and industry competence has made us the leading systems supplier of special labels for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. All the other branches take advantage of the synergy of experience, innovation and a unique range of services available in Creative Solutions.

We offer comprehensive support to our customers with individual and market-oriented solutions for all the challenges that labels present – from the creative to the highly complex. 

Customer proximity

Worldwide availability

Around the world, our employees are key to Faubel’s success. Our international sales offices guarantee that we are close to our customers. In addition to our headquarters in Melsungen, we have sales offices in Europe, Asia and the United States, close to our local customers.

Strengthening our global presence

Faubel is expanding in the growth markets. In 2014, we significantly strengthened our focus on Asia and, in particular, on China by opening a local sales office. Our new, enlarged US-facility in New Jersey ensures optimized service complemented by its GMP-compliant production process.

This way, our company has increased its customer proximity and can now serve the respective growth markets more sustainably.

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