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Booklet labels, single-layer and multi-layer labels, folding boxes, smart labels, etc.

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Faubel-Med Labels

Med Labels

Smart labeling for clinical studies

The Faubel-Med® Label makes re-labeling redundant whenever stability data changes.

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Faubel-Wrap Around Labels

Wrap-Around Labels

Ideal for syringes and vials

With multiple wrapping, you can add content space to small containers.

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Faubel-Logistics Labels

Logistics Labels

Labeling processes electronically

For this purpose, an RFID tag controls an e-paper display with no batteries.

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Labels and More

We find the right label for each product.Faubel – More than just labels - Faubel - More than Just Labels - under this umbrella brand, the Faubel Group unites the Faubel Pharma Services and Faubel Creative Solutions business units.

For over 25 years, Faubel has been the expert for booklet labels. We also produce single and multi-layer labels, folding cardboard boxes, and package inserts. Various smart labels and services complete our portfolio.

Thanks to the unique synergy of experience and innovation, we create individual and market-driven solutions to meet all labeling requirements. Our customers from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the creative sector know they can rely on us for this.

In addition to our headquarters in Germany, our staff work at other locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

"Keep growing" has always been our motto. Our international sales organization is a guarantee of customer proximity. We are expanding our activities in established industries and markets and are constantly venturing into new territory. No distance is too far and hardly any effort too high to reach out to our customers. That is how we can deliver the best possible service worldwide.

Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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