Booklet Labels

Multi-lingual Labeling for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

One type of label for all markets: With up to 113 pages, booklet labels are true "space wizards".

A single booklet label can contain graphics, pictograms, and QR codes alongside extensive texts in various languages. Additional information makes it easier for patients to take their medicines properly or protects users from accidents when dealing with chemicals. Thus, booklet labels are not only reader-friendly labeling but also promote the safe use of pharmaceutical and chemical products in multiple languages.

Key Benefits:

  • They inform consumers and patients where it matters: directly on the product packaging, and
  • save time and money by being suitable for various markets.
  • They comply with regulatory requirements and.
  • enhance patient and consumer safety.
  • They can carry authentication features (including serialization)and
  • provide protection from prior opening (tamper-evident function).
  • They fit any container shape.
  • They can be made of cold-, moisture- and alcohol-resistant materials and
  • display QR, DataMatrix, and 2D codes, as well as variable data.
  • They can be printed in Braille,
  • are recommended by ISPE and
  • can be applied automatically without wrinkles.

Easy to Apply

All product variants are easy to apply and can be customized to meet your requirements. Please use our inquiry option if you do not find a label that matches your product. We will be happy to assist you.

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