Blinding of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs)

Custom-made labels, folding box concepts or solutions using 3D printing

We provide blinding solutions that neutralize investigational drugs in clinical trials.

Human behavior is influenced by what we know or believe. In research, there is a particular risk that expectations may influence results and lead to biased findings. Randomized controlled trials are single-blinded or double-blinded to avoid bias. Faubel develops individual concepts for blinding any kind of container.

Faubel develops individual concepts for blinding any type of container, e.g. bottles, vials or tubes.

Blinding for any packaging

We mainly design blinding as labels (single-layer, multi-layer or booklet labels) or blinding boxes. We have successfully blinded vials, tubes, bottles, blisters or syringes or even components like syringe caps.

Our Services:

  • Suitable for blinding vials, bottles, cans, tubes and blister packs
  • Covers the entire surface and height of containers and the color of their contents
  • Available as single-layer, multi-layer or booklet labels
  • Blinding boxes made of cardboard or using 3D printing technology
  • Custom-made conception and adaptation

Booklet label for clinical trials

Blind, Protect and Inform

Our blinding solutions are used to identify, fully cover, and protect products against tampering. Control windows, documentation stickers, and tamper-evident features are some examples of the numerous options that we can incorporate in custom blinding design. It is often possible to combine blinding solutions with clinical study text requirements while using the blinding material for labeling purposes. To accommodate larger text, we can even combine booklets with blinding concepts during production, as illustrated tube label below. It saves putting another label on them and simplifies the application process at our customers’.

Our concepts can be blinding and labeling in one. Blinding in combination with booklet label is possible.


of Vials, Bottles, Tubes, Syringes or Blister Packs, ...

The blinding box with control window covers color and size of the vial.

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