Label Design & Routing

Our Experienced Team of Experts Supports with Efficient Services

Our job is to be accurate and cautious right from the start and down to the smallest detail.

Supported by experienced clinical trial project managers, our large team of dedicated clinical labeling experts focuses on services that give our customers more flexibility and help shorten timelines. We maintain the human resources needed to cover peak demand and function as a backup.

Booklet Labels in clinical trials, our services are label design and routing.

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Label Design

Label design can be entirely dealt with by our specialists. For this, we receive prepared or print-ready data and convert it into a fully compliant label. Joint checklists, specifications, and processes are permanently analyzed and guarantee quality. The common goal is to avoid making errors and wasting time on corrections. Our first-time-right record is impressive.

Phrase Library

With access to the phrase library and country-specific requirements, our team can handle label design from A to Z. This option is becoming increasingly popular with sponsor companies.

Specialists at Faubel handle label design, guarantee quality through checklists, specifications and phrase library.


Faubel compiles information for countries participating in international trials and handles the time-and resource-consuming intensive process of obtaining country-specific approvals.

Routing: Faubel compiles the information for the participating countries and takes care of obtaining the clearances.

Custom Label Design

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