Smart Label Solutions

Faubel-Med® Label and Faubel-Digital Label

Our aim is to develop labels that bring benefits to the user and optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain.

RFID leads to a gain in efficiency by reducing errors, replacing manual jobs and speeding up processes. Integrated RFID solutions are used in track & trace applications, timetemperature monitoring or to support patient compliance.

RFID Applications:

  • Identification and traceability
  • Optimized logistics processes
  • Temperature transparency along the supply chain
  • Counterfeit protection and security features

Individual Packages:

  • Concept development
  • System integration (RFID tag, label design, software, reader infrastructure)
  • Smart Label production
  • Coding and security concept for hardware and software components

Faubel-Med® Label

Remote Update of Expiry Dates

Innovative solutions are always in demand in the test sample labeling niche. The Faubel-Med® Label replaces re-labeling when stability data changes. This intelligent labeling, enables an automatic update of the stability date and replaces the previous time-consuming re-labeling process. This results in immense savings in time and cost management for clinical studies.

The Faubel-Med® Label combines the proven advantages of a booklet label - multilingual distribution - with the potential of a smart label.

The Advantages:

  • Earlier study start - even with limited stability data
  • Simplifies and shortens expiration date updates
  • Meets the requirements of Annex XIII
  • Automatic batch documentation
  • Enables other applications such as study pooling
Faubel-Med® Label, remote update of expiry dates

Faubel-Digital Label

the Smart Labeling

The latest development in the clinical trial labeling portfolio is the Faubel Digital Label. Here, labeling goes digital: expiration dates, mandatory information, languages.

This digital label is a further development of our Smart Label and generally follows the same technology as the Faubel-Med® Label.

Faubel-Digital Label, full clinical label update

Smart Labels

for Clinical Trials

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