The history of Faubel - rooted in North Hesse from 1855 until today

Company History
From 1855 to the Present Day


How Faubel becomes CCL Faubel

Since August 2023, CCL Industries Inc. has held all the shares of the Faubel Group, which officially operates under the name CCL Faubel as of the beginning of 2024. With this acquisition, the world's largest label manufacturer, CCL, expands its organizational and operational capacities in the healthcare sector in the European market. Frank Ludwig steps down from the management, leaving Martin Kuge and Frank Jäger to lead CCL Faubel GmbH. The company's headquarters remain in Melsungen.

Logo of CCL Faubel GmbH


How Things Are Moving Upwards…

In 2020 one floor of office and storage space above the web printing production area is demolished and replaced by two floors of offices, conference rooms, and staff rooms.

Faubel's headquarter will be expanded again in 2020


How Faubel Is Growing …

In 2018 the management celebrates the opening of the "New Technologies" production facility with 230 employees and their families. It is the ninth extension to the Melsungen headquarters since 1982.


How Faubel Makes it Across Another Ocean …

In 2014 Faubel turns its focus to the Asian market and establishes a long-term presence in Shanghai, China.


How Responsibility Is Shared …

In 2012 Frank Ludwig and Martin Kuge join the organization's management which they have shared with Frank Jäger, Reinhard Kuge's successor, since 2014.

The management of Faubel includes Frank Ludwig, Martin Kuge and Frank Jäger


How Faubel Aakes it Across an Ocean …

The sales office of Faubel's new sister corporation, Faubel Pharma Services Corp., opens in the USA in 2009.


How an Idea Bears Fruit …

The Faubel-Compact® Label is patented by the German and the European Patent Offices in 1996. It will receive distinctions from FINAT and the German Packaging Institute in the following years.

The Faubel-Compact label is registered at the German and European Patent Office in 1996


How a New Generation Takes Over …

Reinhard Kuge becomes a managing partner in 1982. After Kurt Giesler's death, he takes sole charge of the business's 21 employees.


How Things Develop...

The extension to the new production hall is completed in 1968. It will become home to the first web-fed press for printing labels in 1979.

In 1968 the extension of a new production hall is completed at Faubel


How Faubel Breaks New Ground…

In 1946 Faubel, along with 15 staff, moves to its present corporate premises in Melsungen and now produces labels for the first time.

Faubel moves to the Melsungen site in 1946


How Disaster Strikes …

In 1943 the corporate headquarters are entirely destroyed by allied bombing raids.

1943 Faubel's headquarter in Kassel are destroyed during World War 2


How Relationships Develop …

Kurt Giesler marries Jacob Loth's daughter in 1926 and, in 1933, becomes managing partner of the business, which, by this time, has specialized in print products for drugstores and the pharmaceutical industry.


How the Modern Age Arrives …

Faubel becomes a limited liability corporation by German law in 1913. The merchants Jacob Loth, Carl Gose, Christoph Gotthart, and Louis Petzold are managing partners from now on.


How It all Began …

In 1855 Hermann Faubel opens the "Faubel & Co. Cartonagen- und Papierwaaren-Fabrik Cassel" factory in Kassel, Germany.

In 1855, Hermann Faubel founded the company "Faubel & Co. Cartonagen und Papierwaaren-Fabrik Cassel".

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