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For any questions to Faubel or for further details, feel free to contact us: we'll gladly help you!

Faubel & Co. Nachf. GmbH
Schwarzenberger Weg 45
34212 Melsungen

Phone: +49 5661 7309-0
Fax: +49 5661 7309-149
Email: info(at)faubel.de

Faubel Pharma Services
3 Third Street, Suite 103
Bordentown, NJ 08505

Phone: +1 908 7307563
Fax: +1 908 7359518
Email: info(at)faubel-ps.com

Faubel & Co. Nachf. GmbH
Shanghai Office


Phone: +86 21 62339018
Email: info(at)faubel.de

Pre-press process

Every day, new printing data sent by all types of customers arrive at Faubel. To ensure the smooth and timely processing of your data, we have prepared detailed guidelines for your attention.

They state the type of data we can process and the particular points you have to consider when you or your graphic designers create this data.

Just download our current specifications for creating and submitting data (PDF-file):

  • Specifications for creating and submitting data (QM/D 6.3 S)
  • How to create a printable PDF from Microsoft Word 
  • Requirements for PDF's (QM/D 53.2 A)

To comply with state-of-the-art technology requirements, we have taken the opportunity to have our prepress process certified by the Swiss expert organisation "PDF X-ready" (www.pdfx-ready.ch). This certificate confirms that we are able to create and process PDF X data.

Through staff training and technical advances we are in a position to offer the highest quality and safety in manufacturing while preparing for the future.

The future belongs to PDF X - Faubel thinks so too! (PDF)