Booklet labels

Faubel-Compact® Label

Outstanding versatility


The Faubel-Compact® Label is a booklet label and is firmly established on the market as a multi-functional product information solution. With up to 113 pages, the Faubel-Compact® Label is particularly well-suited to a multilingual product description and extensive contents.

Clear product identification / visual communication tool / wide choice of colors, shapes and functions

The Faubel Booklet Label is versatile in every respect. With over 100 pages in length, it is particularly suitable for multilingual product labeling. All the relevant information is directly displayed on the product in a durable and legible manner.

The scope and design of product labeling are subject to a number of legal requirements. In the food industry, a wide range of supplemental information has been obligatory on products since 2014. In the chemical industry, the CLP Regulation requiring more information, texts and symbols to be displayed in a minimum size has been applicable since 2015. Our booklet label meets all these requirements.

The advantages

  • Variable in shape and design
  • Up to 113 pages
  • Available as a waterproof version made of synthetic material
  • One label for all languages
  • Easy to open resealable


Labels as marketing Tools

  • Ideal for cross-selling
  • Sweepstakes
  • Marketing Campaigns

Little giants

In unusual shapes

The Tag Label is both a marketing tool and a label. Unusually-shaped products or goods with small elements that must be labeled individually, as can often be found in cosmetics, toys or in hardware stores, can be directly flagged with the Tag Label.

In this example, the Tag Label complies with the obligation to label toys in accordance with the Harmonized Toy Safety Standard required throughout Europe: EN71-1:2011 and stands out from the crowd with its original form of adhesion.


Suitable for a variety of packaging shapes and types
Applicable to any surface without wrinkles

  • Round (bottles, cans, canisters, pens...)
  • Special shapes (tubes, individual small parts...)
  • Unfolded surfaces (boxes, blister packs, sachets, canisters...)


Combinable options

  • Thumb index, for quick access to information
  • Sticker label/campaign label
  • Codes (QR, data matrix, 2D codes)
  • Personalization


Product safety / authenticity protection
We offer solutions with both visible and hidden safety features.

  • Tamper-proof protection / tamper-evident features
  • Holograms, scratch fields, micro prints
  • Colors that are heat-sensitive or UV-sensitive, and much more

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