Digital printing 

Custom printing

Brilliant results


Digital printing stands for maximum print quality, variable data, and complete flexibility. Our main fields of application for digital printing are smaller or more diverse print runs.

Impressive quality / Image stability for first prints and reprints / The entire color spectrum

Separated in 7 colors, digital printing can compete with the quality of offset printing. With high resolution, sharper images, richer colors, it is a complement to conventional printing techniques. This printing method is gaining more and more ground in the differentiation and communication tools used in marketing. Test-market series or labels for special events and campaigns are standard applications in digital labels.

The advantages

  • Variable in size, shape and design
  • Brilliant results
  • Short runs and on-demand printing
  • Diversity
  • Fast and easy data processing
  • Available in a combination of digital and conventional printing


Label as marketing tool

  • Customized products
  • Communication through packaging
  • Differentiation at the point of sale by marking each item individually
  • Eye-catching advertising campaigns



Adhesive labels

More versatility - shorter runs

Regionalization / seasonalization / languages / variants 

Most products are now available in a great variety of types and styles The result is greater label variety coupled with shorter runs. These are great prospects for digital printing, which offers plenty of other advantages besides on-demand solutions.


Every label is unique

  • Presentation according to target groups
  • Personal customer contact
  • Customized labeling
  • Variable texts, images and codes

The result is fascinating, unique labels that have a direct impact on the buying decisions of today's consumers.

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