Multi-layer labels

Space for information

Make 9 out of 1


The multi-layer Plus Label creates room for a creative title page and space for product information across three to nine pages. The multi-layer labels can be clearly identified by the instructions on how to open them. In regard to the design, the label offers a whole range of creative freedoms.

Plenty of space on up to 9 pages / Title page need not contain any information / Customized opening tab

With its Plus Label, Faubel displays a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. There is sufficient space for product information or directions for use even on unusually-formed packaging. With this label, one single labeling page can consist of three to nine pages. This makes space for additional information and allows freedom to design a creative title page.

The advantages

  • 3 to 9 pages
  • Variable in size, shape
  • Easy to open, resealable
  • Multi-layer labels identifiable by opening marks
  • Outer packaging may be dispensed
  • Contents in adequate font size
  • More space for information, languages and promotional text

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