Creative Solutions

Our labels, tags, and giveaways are compelling at the point of sale.

User-friendly, imaginative, and well thought-out down to the smallest detail. Faubel combines information with versatile marketing tools suitable for product launches and cross-selling schemes in its Creative Solutions division. Our customers benefit from our expertise and experience as the market leader for functional labels.

We provide creative solutions to creative minds.

Faubel Creative Solutions Labels

Our Full-Service Offering at a Glance:

  • Our global and multilingual team provides you with friendly and competent advice before and after your products are delivered.
  • We have modern and versatile machinery with the most advanced technologies at our disposal.
  • Our labels can be processed instantly and applied automatically without wrinkles on conventional packaging lines.
  • Our product developers find customized and efficient solutions for every specific application.
  • All processes - from prepress to shipping - take place at a single location. It means that fast, short-term solutions are also feasible.

Gemeinsam finden wir für Ihr Produkt die optimale Kennzeichnung.

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