post seed®

Natural Advertising

a perfect give-away


With post seed®, Faubel has developed an innovative advertising medium, which carefully integrates high-quality seeds.

With seeds / Can be used as a give-away, supplement or product feature

The layout, material, shape and format of post seed® can be individually tailored to every campaign and every corporate design – whether it is used as a mailing enhancer, for dialog marketing or as a self-adhesive label. Faubel’s services range from the generation of ideas and concept development to production of the finished advertising medium. 

The advantages

  • Universal form of advertising
  • Brilliant image
  • High-quality seed
  • Easy-to-plant seed tape
  • In-house concept development and production

Available as

  • Self-adhesive label
  • Tag
  • Card

Customer Loyalty Grow

Promotional campaign
by the NVV

At Easter, the "Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund", the North Hessian Transport Alliance (NVV), launched an advertising campaign called "Easter nests to go"

With the slogan “we’re sowing seeds of thanks”, the NVV handed out post seed® cards with Easter greetings to RegioTram passengers. In the ‘Easter nest to go’, the customers found a seed tape with cress seeds, brief planting instructions and a letter from the NVV.

Getting post seed is as easy as that!

A colorful selection

  • Flowers (flower mix, zinnia)
  • Herbs (basil, thyme, lemon balm)
  • Grasses (annual ryegrass)
  • Vegetables and Salads (carrots, rocket salad)


The integrated seed tape can be easily removed from the card and planted.

post seed, natural advert, giveaway, seed, universal

post something else

post something else is as easy to use as post seed®. The only difference is that it contains product samples instead of a seed tape.

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