RFID as a Communication Channel

Smart Labels

NFC technology

NCF Technology

Communication with customers is typically based on the "one to many" principle where billboards, commercials or the point of sale are used as channels. The demand for interaction is the trend and NFC technology has the potential to fulfill it.

Interaction / New communication channels / Brand experience / NFC technology to replace QR codes

Traditional channels are still often used to communicate with consumers. However, they have a downside — they are one way. Indeed, customers are increasingly eager to interact with businesses. Traditional advertising often cannot rely on this feedback channel or if it does, it is awkward to use. NFC technology boosts interactivity. As communication channels, smartphones can also generate a creative experience.

NFC benefits

  • Customer interaction
  • Creative experiences
  • From offline to online
  • Access to additional information
  • Easily available according to target audiences

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Near Field Communication

New applications with a worldwide standardized frequency

NFC technology uses mobile devices to exchange data. This opens up countless new fields of application such as smart billboards, mobile payment systems and interactive marketing campaigns. Almost all objects can be fitted with NFC transponders, making it possible for customers to communicate over the Internet.

Labels and e-paper displays

Our RFID Competence Center is the innovation hub of the Faubel group for solutions around RFID, e-paper, software and the Internet of Things. Our smart labels offer a wide range of options for data and information management. RFID / NFC technology is integrated into self-adhesive labels or e-paper displays.

We develop custom-application-specific solutions. As a one-stop shop we take care of concept development, system integration and smart label production.


NFC as a support

End-to-end communication

Interactivity / Smart Labels / Additional information / Product security

Embedded in a label or attached to the packaging, a simple NFC tag or an e-paper display at the point of sale allows you to engage in direct marketing and digital interaction with your customers. At the right time and in the right place, it is possible for customers to access additional information, video demonstrations, special offers, marketing campaigns or recipes. This is way faster and easier than scanning QR codes.

Another possible application is product authentication. NFC tags inside labels make it possible for you to see if a product is authentic or not.

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