Security labels

Product protection

Serialization, track & trace

security labels, RFID labels, serialized labels

To protect your products against tampering and counterfeiting, Faubel offers single-ply, multi-ply and booklet labels featuring custom security solutions.

Authenticity protection  / Protection against prior opening / Serialization / Security labels / Product protection

Manufacturers are increasingly relying on security labels to protect their products. Overt and covert security features provide reliable protection against tampering. Serialization is an effective means of protecting consumers and brands. Combined with authenticity features, it supports quality assurance, enables traceability across the supply chain and protects your products against counterfeiting.

Faubel offers efficient product and brand protection through custom labeling.

Our solutions

  • Serialized labels

  • Individual codes

  • RFID labels

  • Security seals

  • Holograms, scratch-off fields

  • Microprinting, guilloche patterns

  • Heat and UV-sensitive colors

  • Special adhesives and materials

Tamper-evident Etiketten

First opening protection

Prior opening marked clearly and irreversibly / Authenticity protection

Tamper-evident labels are used to indicate prior opening of packaging and therefore to protect product integrity. Generally, it is advisable to combine different security features.

Tamper-evident labels
RFID label

Smart labels

RFID labels

Product identification / Traceability / Optimized logistics processes / Security features

RFID technology is used whenever product security, efficient processes in pharmaceutical distribution or issues such as product identification, traceability and transparency across the supply chain take center stage.

The Faubel Smart Label Competence Center provides custom-tailored RFID function labels based on customer requirements, including software development and system integration.


Security labels

  • Single-layer labels
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Booklet labels


Faubel secure

These custom functional labels contain overt and covert security features. Generally, the recommended approach is to combine different security features.

  • Authenticity protection
  • Tamper-evident technology
  • Anti-tamper protection
  • Security seals
  • Smart labels (RFID, NFC)



Serialization where individual serial numbers are embedded into 2D Data Matrix codes is essential for monitoring quality, tracking products and managing crises. It means safety for manufacturers and consumers in each individual product.

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