Docu Labels

Stickers and vignettes provide seamless documentation in patient records.

Docu Labels are ideally suited for labeling vaccines.

Booklet labels can contain one or more removable documentation stickers or vignettes that are self-adhesive and writable. They facilitate seamless and secure the traceability of all medications in patients' records.

Docu Labels are used in every hospital and doctor's surgery for vaccinations.

With a Docu Label from Faubel, all medications can be documented securely and completely in the patient file

Key Benefits:

  • Stickers and vignettes are removable,
  • They are writable and
  • enhance patient and consumer safety.
  • Docu Labels can be applied automatically without wrinkles.

Optional Extras:

  • Deep freeze materials
  • QR, DataMatrix, 2D codes
  • Braille coding (using screen printing)
  • Authenticity protection / tamper-evident function

Customer Requests

We are happy to adapt our Docu Labels to the specific requirements of your products or applications. Besides labels, we produce folding cartons to deliver complete packaging solutions.

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Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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