Index Labels

Direct Access for a Quick Overview

Color indexes are a valuable alternative to conventional tables of contents.

Indexes help users to handle their booklet labels intuitively by providing them with direct access to the relevant information. Quick orientation within the labels is known to support patient compliance.

If desired, indexes can be color-coded. Index Labels can be applied mechanically like any other Faubel booklet labels. Besides, they enable late-stage customization.

Faubel's Index Label helps the user to intuitively handle the booklet label by allowing direct access to relevant information

Key Benefits:

  • They can be up to 48 pages long and
  • are recommended by ISPE for multilingual labeling.
  • They can be adapted to any container shape.
  • They meet regulatory requirements and
  • enhance patient and consumer safety.
  • They can be printed with codes and variable data and
  • applied automatically without wrinkles.

Optional Extras:

  • Color-contrast indexes
  • Documentation stickers / vignettes
  • Deep freeze materials
  • QR, DataMatrix, 2D codes
  • Braille coding (using screen printing)
  • Authenticity protection / tamper-evident function

Customer Requests

We are happy to customize our Index Labels to meet your needs. Color indexes in your corporate colors will generate attention, enhance your brand image, and work as originality markers.

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Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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