Faubel-Logistics Labels

Battery-free e-paper displays with RFID tag identify logistical processes.

As the name suggests, these smart labels are ideally suited to the needs of the logistics industry

It is tailored especially to mark reusable containers used in Kanban or closed-loop processes. Controlled by RFID tags, their e-paper displays show the variable data stored on the tags.

Faubel-Logistics Labels are batteryless and, therefore, durable and maintenance-free. Much slimmer than other e-paper displays, they can be glued, screwed, plugged into containers’ sides or attached to them using magnets or Velcro.

Faubel-Logistics Label are battery-less e-paper displays with RFID tag that identify logistic processes

Key Benefits:

  • Available in different display sizes,
  • in black or white, other display colors on request.
  • They can show 1D and 2D codes and
  • be read with stationary or hand-held readers.
  • They are batteryless,
  • compliant with ISO 15693 and,
  • can have an SAP ERP interface,
  • available with cloud application.

Customer Requests

Smart labels from Faubel are always integrated systems. Our customers can obtain all the services they need from a single source: software, hardware, and system integration.

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Customer Story

To label its orders in production, Smyczek GmbH, the specialist for printed circuit board assembly based in Verl, has been using Faubel-Logistics Labels instead of magnetic labels since mid-2020.

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Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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