Multi-layer Labels

Reader-friendly Labeling for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Our multi-layer labels can contain up to nine pages and create enough content space, even on small surfaces. This makes them an efficient alternative to single-layer labels.

Multi-layer labels are just as flexible and adaptable as single-layer ones. They are more reader-friendly because they provide significantly more space for mandatory and helpful information. Separating layers is easy with the help of a highly visible opening arrow and a neutralized corner. Labels are resealable after each opening.

Key Benefits:

  • They fit any container shape,
  • enhance patient and consumer safety, and
  • are easy to open and reseal.
  • They can carry tamper-evident features (including serialization)
  • and provide authenticity protection (tamper-evident function).
  • They can be made of cold-, moisture- and alcohol-resistant materials and
  • display QR, DataMatrix, and 2D codes, as well as variable data.
  • They can support Braille coding and
  • be applied automatically without wrinkles.

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