200th employee

To celebrate this positive event, CEO Martin Kuge surprised Lisa Knierim, a trained media designer, with a bouquet on her first day at work.

Since early August, she has been supporting her 13 colleagues who are in charge of typesetting clinical trial data at the label design department.

31 new people have already been hired following a sales upturn in 2015. The workload is still high this year so that more jobs are to be created in different areas. "We are delighted to have attracted a large number of skilled people in recent years and we want to remain an attractive employer in the future by offering additional benefits such as personal accident insurance and employee share schemes", Martin Kuge explains.

Ein gelungener Start in die neue Aufgabe: Martin Kuge, Geschäftsführer von Faubel, überreicht Mitarbeiterin Lisa Knierim zur Begrüßung einen Blumenstrauß.