A Big Heart for "Kleine Riesen"

Faubel donates 5,000 euros to "Kleine Riesen Nordhessen e.V."

Every year, just before Christmas, Faubel supports a social organization or a charity project from the region by making donations. For the second time since 2015, employees were asked to suggest potential beneficiaries of a 5,000-euro donation.

"Rather than giving gifts to our customers and business partners at Christmas, we prefer donating the money to associations such as "Kleiner Riesen Nordhessen" whose work is so important for the families concerned," explains Martin Kuge who is responsible for human resources and finance on Faubel's board.

Farewell in a familiar environment

The "Kleine Riesen Nordhessen e.V." association is committed to ensuring that terminally ill children and young people are cared for by the outpatient KinderPalliativTeam Nordhessen and that they are allowed to die at home.

Gaby Bongard, who received the donation on behalf of the association, talked about her daily work as a palliative care nurse. Martin Kuge and Kathrin Schmidt, marketing consultant at Faubel who suggested the association as beneficiary, were impressed by the charity's comprehensive commitment. "We truly admire their holistic approach, which —besides medical care— offers psychological assistance to the entire family," says Martin Kuge. Donations are used by the association e.g. to fulfill the dearest wishes of young patients or to pay for additional services that are not covered by statutory health insurance.

Weihnachtsspende Kleine Riesen Nordhessen

Gaby Bongard (center) was delighted with the donation given and the appreciation showed for the work of "Kleine Riesen Nordhessen".