A 'Message of Growth'

The interpack 2020 has been postponed but Faubel's extraordinary giveaways remain available

post seed® is a sustainable giveaway that combines messaging, labeling and added value. Available as a self-adhesive label, tag or card, post seed® provides sufficient space for labeling. In addition, post seed® offers "green added value" in the form of integrated flower, herb, grass or vegetable seeds. This combination draws attention at the point of sale and remains in the consumer's memory until the plants can be harvested.

Forget-Me-Nots for Mother's Day

The print image and shape of post seed® can be adapted to suit any type of campaign. As a matter of example, a bright red, heart-shaped post seed® containing forget-me-not seeds is the perfect giveaway for Mother's Day. Scented coatings and embossing can further enhance the advertising message and appeal to the consumers' five senses.

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post seed®, interpack 2020

post seed® creates added value that you can see, feel, taste and smell.