A Three-Million-Euro Construction Project

Faubel continues to extend its Melsungen HQ

Less than a year after the official opening of its "New Technologies" production facility, Faubel is investing a further three million euros in a construction project at its Melsungen headquarters. To this end, two stories will be added to a building from the year 2002 located in Schwarzenberger Weg. Currently there is only one floor accommodating offices and storage space above the reel-fed printing area. This first floor is to be demolished by the end of 2019 and replaced by two stories dedicated to offices, meeting and staff rooms.

Additional jobs

"When we moved into the new 10-million-euro building in 2018, we thought that 3,600 m² of floor space would do us for a while but far from it!" says Frank Jäger, Faubel's Managing Director in charge of Sales, Marketing, Product Development and New Technologies. "To meet the steady influx of incoming orders, we have hired more than 40 staff since January 2018," explains Jäger. Demand for specialists such as proofreaders, media designers and technical project managers is particularly high to cover the various services associated with the labeling of clinical trials.

In the company, there is another business segment where the potential for job creation is high: "We are also looking for specialists such as software and hardware developers to develop and produce our so-called Smart Labels that integrate RFID and e-paper technology".


Faubel Bauprojekt Melsungen

Two stories offering 1,400 m² of floor space will be added to the 2002 production hall that will remain unaltered.