A Weekend of Celebration

Faubel opened a new production facility.

The Faubel Group officially opened its new production facility at its Melsungen headquarters on Friday, June 15, 2018. Greeted by Melsungen's Mayor Markus Boucsein, 120 guests from politics, business and society took up on the invitation and listened to welcome speeches by Faubel's principal partner, Reinhard Kuge, and by two of the three Faubel managing directors, Frank Jäger and Martin Kuge.

Martin Kuge pointed out that Faubel had grown steadily in recent years. In the past ten years alone, the company has invested around 34 million euros in the location and staff numbers have gone up from 119 to 230. "We needed a building with approx. 3,600 m² of usable floor area to meet increasing demand and to expand our capacity. That's where new products and new jobs will be created."

Guests were also given the opportunity to visit the new facility during a guided tour. Particular attention was paid to the production of RFID labels. "The Faubel-Med® label is a combination of label, RFID tag and e-paper display. What is special about it is that the data shown on the display can be variable. So, there's no need to print new labels each time you have new data," explained Managing Director Frank Jäger.

Family Day with "Gautschfest"

The next day was a family day for all Faubel employees and their relatives. Over 630 people visited our Melsungen headquarters and spent time together enjoying grilled sausages, cold drinks, coffee and cake in bright sunshine. "The Family Day is our way to say thank you to our employees whose commitment has significantly contributed to the success of Faubel," said Martin Kuge on Saturday. The highlight of the day was the "Gautschen" or dunking ceremony where apprentices who passed their final exams were completely immersed in a tub filled with water according to an old printers' tradition.

Faubel Eröffnung neue Produktionsstätte und Familientag

Many employees turned up with their families to attend the third family day after 2008 and 2012.