A World Premiere

For the first time, Faubel exhibited booklet labels with temperature indicators of the latest generation at FachPack

At the end of September, more than 45,000 visitors attended FachPack in Nuremberg to find out about current trends in the packaging industry. Faubel, who was among the 1,600 exhibitors, laid the focus on so-called smart labels. For the first time, Faubel showcased one of these intelligent labels to an international audience: a Faubel-Compact® Label integrating a temperature indicator of the latest generation, the LIBERO ITS (Indicator Tab Start), produced by ELPRO.

Cutting-edge quality assurance

Martin Peter, in charge of strategy and marketing at ELPRO, explains why such modern indicators are needed for a variety of temperature-sensitive consumer goods: "The LIBERO ITS offers end-to-end safety to increasingly complex global supply chains which include several transit and storage points as well as various stakeholders." Faubel-Compact® Labels are used as permanent and multilingual labels for identifying goods. They can be applied mechanically and carry temperature indicators.

Smart Labels have another characteristic that attracted particular attention from visitors to our booth: the combination of label, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag and e-paper display which makes it possible to monitor and to constantly update data on labeled products. Andreas Bartling, Business Development Manager at Faubel, referred to logistics companies as potential users "who use their reusable plastic containers to transport a wide variety of goods. With e-paper displays, it is easy to change data such as destination, storage location and content."

The company's focus on the functionality of labels makes sense for a variety of industries. This was proven by the large number of conversations we had during the three-day show. Andreas Bartling's conclusion was therefore positive: "The audience at FachPack is very heterogeneous: to us, it's the real advantage of this show."

Faubel FachPack 2018

Delighted with the influx of interesting conversations. Faubel's Business Development Managers Petra Schäffner and Andreas Bartling