Cooperation with E Ink

The Faubel-Med® Label features an ePaper display from the market leader.

"The Med Label is a breakthrough product that makes the handling of investigational medicinal products in clinical trial supply chains so much easier,” said Konrad Zachmann, head of production for new technologies at Faubel. “As we see a continuous growth in biologic products that require frequent updates on stability data, the Med Label emerges as a cost-effective, highly-efficient smart label that meets the demands of present and future compliance requirements.”

In addition to a battery-free, always-on ePaper display from E Ink® Holdings, the innovator in electronic ink technology, the Faubel-Med® Label features a booklet label which incorporates an RFID tag (radio-frequency identification). E Ink's segmented bi-stable display can provide expiry updates — even on a sealed kit. As a result, the Med Label makes it possible to perform updates at the clinical depot site and provides real time reporting and documentation. For pharmaceutical companies, this digital solution is an alternative to relabeling whenever stability data changes.

"E Ink's smart packaging solutions are at the forefront of pharmaceutical packaging innovation," said Paul Apen, E Ink's Chief Strategy Officer. “Adding displays to pharma packaging requires thin and flexible displays that are also low-power. Our ePaper displays are perfect for this application given their thin, low voltage properties, as well as easy readability, contrast and wide viewing angle.”

Compared to the typical 15v driving voltage for electronic paper displays, the new low-voltage film from E Ink only uses about 5 volts. This decreases the power required for label updates and speeds the update process.

"We are thrilled to partner with Faubel to create a product that will help the pharmaceutical industry take advantage of the digital resources at its disposal said FY Gan, E Ink's Executive Vice President. "The potential Improving and simplifying clinical trials is endless. “The potential to enhance and simplify clinical trials is endless; we’re excited to collaborate with industry leaders like Faubel to provide system integration capability for not only the pharmaceutical industry in a total solution, but a wide range of smart packaging applications that deliver the best customer experience of using e-paper for digital transformation.”

Faubel-Med Label, E Ink E-Paper

The Faubel-Med® Label brings about considerable savings to clinical trials in terms of time and cost management.