Creative Junior Staff

Faubel rewards good ideas from its staff

Every year, Faubel saves costs, time and resources by collecting suggestions for improvement from its staff. In 2019, almost every second idea submitted to the company's New Ideas Scheme was the result of teamwork. At the Christmas party, Faubel's Managing Director Frank Ludwig presented nine ideas which were selected and awarded a total of 1,800 euros.

The Managing Director emphasized how important it was for the long-term success of a company to reward employees who were able to identify where there was room for improvement and to find solutions by themselves. "Our employees are professionals in their jobs and we depend upon their active support."

How to manufacture individual machine parts

The idea submitted by Dwayne Heinemann and Felix Fuchs received special attention. Both employees completed their apprenticeships as machine and plant operators at Faubel several years ago, with Felix Fuchs further qualifying as a print media technologist. The suggestion they made was extremely imaginative: in order to streamline operations, they produced prototypes of machine parts using a 3D printer. The first machine part they designed and immediately printed out was a special suction piston. The new part was then fitted to a machine from the Labels Processing Department and has since then contributed to shortening turnaround time.

In his address, Frank Ludwig especially praised the dynamic attitude of the former apprentices: "We are delighted to have such creative young people who not only have good ideas but also implement them by themselves. For us as a company, it just goes to show that thorough training always pays off".

Mitarbeiter, Ideenmanagement, Karriere

Some of the 2019 idea contributors received their awards in person: Sabrina Hubert, Desirée Groß, Felix Fuchs (front row, from left), Marc Hofmann, Matthias Wagner (middle row, from left), Ümit Ibolar, Thomas Zupfer, Johanna Dehlinger and Sonja Heer (back row, from left)