Efficient Infrastructure

Faubel demonstrates smart label efficiency

Dynamic labeling on objects is made possible by e-paper displays controlled by RFID tags.

Full System Integration

Unlike conventional paper labels, texts, numbers, codes and pictograms shown on e-paper displays can be updated via smartphones or other types of readers. Continuous tracking generates data and this way facilitates supply chain optimization. "In addition to displays and RFID labels, we also develop the corresponding software, integrate it into existing systems and can therefore offer a complete solutions package," explains Frank Jäger, Faubel's Managing Director, who is in charge of the New Technologies division, among other duties.

Batteryless Smart Labels

The data exchanged between smart labels, software and networks forms the basis of an efficient monitoring and controlling system that can save storage costs and shorten delivery times, for example. Further savings potential can be generated by using Smart Labels that work without batteries, such as Faubel-Logistics Labels. This makes them not only durable and maintenance-free, but also versatile: they can be screwed or glued onto the packaging, inserted or attached to it using Velcro, depending on the object and application concerned. "Different applications are possible – from container management down to temperature monitoring," adds Jäger.

Faubel- Logistics Label, interpack 2020, Smart Label

Smart Labels are perfect for labeling cash boxes. They can be localized at any time and are tamper-evident.