Exercising at work

Health week hosted at Faubel.

For five days, the health of Faubel's staff took center stage: From January 23 through 27, we held a health week on our premises for the first time.

Employees were able to attend different workshops such as "How to avoid stress" as well as various staff information events like "Prevention" held by Juliane Kaspar and her colleague Julia Heckel from PhysioFit at Schlossgarten in Melsungen. In addition, they checked the ergonomic fitness of every workplace in the factory as well as in the offices and gave tips on good posture.

Positive response

Our health week also included a fruit day on which physalis, tangerines and other varieties of fruit were offered as healthy snacks. "Chronic stress, bad posture and unbalanced diet tend to reduce performance. That's why we wanted to provide our employees with competent advice and encourage them to do themselves and their health some good", explains Martin Kuge, Faubel's Managing Director, who is responsible for human resources. The workforce's response was consistently positive so that all the workshops filled up down to the last seat.

During her "Prevention" briefing, Juliane Kaspar showed stretching and strengthening exercises. Afterwards, participants boosted their immune systems by eating fresh fruit.