Facing the Future Stronger than Ever

Faubel exceeds sales target again in 2020 by generating 39 million euros in revenue

The Faubel Group generated 39 million euros worth of sales in 2020. Managing Director Frank Jäger attaches considerable importance to this result: "Due to accounting changes, the figures are not fully comparable with those from last year, but irrespective of this, we have once again significantly increased sales compared to the year before  ̶  and that despite the pandemic."

Specializing in pharmaceuticals pays off.

More than half of the orders placed with Faubel came from abroad, resulting in an export rate of 56 percent. Faubel produced most of its labels for clinical trials, nearly 72 percent. Labels that stick to already approved drugs accounted for about 24 percent of sales. "The pharmaceutical industry is one of the few sectors that has largely benefited from the Covid-19 crisis. The fact that we specialize in precisely this industry contributed to unexpectedly high sales. At the same time, it shows how flexible and focused our staff has been in mastering the new challenges of their daily work since March 2020," praises Frank Jäger. Remote working, Hands-Face-Space rules, mandatory masks: all this has been implemented by each of the 250 employees at the Melsungen headquarters and by 20 other staff working in various sales offices in Germany, the UK, China, and the USA  ̶  and that to the greatest possible extent and without any difficulties.

Employee awards for universal database

The Managing Director regrets that the Christmas party had to be canceled just like the official honoring of Idea Management and the celebration of employee work anniversaries. In 2020, we had two in our 19 longtime staff members who could look back on 30 years of service to the company. Fortunately, staff fluctuation is very low at Faubel." 

Faubel's idea management has been an integral part of the company's policy for years. Its purpose is to promote active employee participation in Faubel's develop­ment. Sixteen ideas, seven awards, and a total of 6,600 euros in bonuses - that's the result of Ideas Management 2020. The idea that won the highest reward came from Helena Martens and Max Deiss, who are both in charge of processes upstream of printing in the production planning department. They developed a database that displays all the technical specifications for printing booklet labels while checking their feasibility. Last year alone, Faubel saved 22,000 euros in labor costs using this universal database. "As long as our employees remain committed, even in difficult times, Faubel will be able to face the future stronger than ever," explains Frank Jäger.