Faubel among Top 3

Faubel shortlisted finalist for the Health-i Award in the category "Enterprises"

Faubel, one of the three finalists in the category "Enterprises" of the 2019 Health-i Award, hopes to be the winner on November 7, 2019. Launched in 2016 by the German health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse and the business newspaper Handelsblatt, the Health-i Initiative is designed to promote digital ideas that will drive the development of healthcare. The Health-i Initiative is placed under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Health. Every year, the Health-i Award is granted to three different categories of participants: young talents, start-ups and enterprises.

170 applications

This year the expert jury selected three finalists per category among the 170 applications received. The Faubel-Med® Label, a hybrid combining a booklet label, an RFID transponder and an e-paper display, is a product that sells as it is able to label IMPs during clinical trials. Sven Rath, Faubel's Marketing and Sales Manager, will be attending the award ceremony in Berlin: "Until now, we had to relabel preparations every time there was something new about their shelf lives, which was rather time-consuming. With the Faubel-Med® Label, it is now possible to automatic­ally update expiry dates. This speeds up drug research and gives patients faster access to new therapies".

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Expiry dates on Faubel-Med® Labels can be changed automatically using RFID transponders and e-paper displays.