Faubel donated 5,000 euros

Three projects were the lucky beneficiaries.

"There are so many great initiatives, that's why we like to support different ones," said Managing Director Martin Kuge when presenting the 5,000-euro donation made by his company.

The initiative "Aktion Advent" which supports various charity projects received 2,000 euros from the total donation. A further € 2,000 went to "Café Panama", which takes care of the everyday needs of homeless persons in Kassel, such as food and clothing. THW, Melsungen's local youth association, was presented with a 1,000-euro donation to go towards the further education of young people.

Every year, Faubel supports non-profit organizations and worthy projects instead of giving larger Christmas gifts to its customers, business partners and suppliers.

Faubel's charity campaign also attracted the attention of the regional press.