Faubel donates €10.000 to the Kuge Foundation

Nine regional projects received money in the amount of €2.000 to €5.000

"A total of €35.000 will flow into nine regional projects," said Reinhard Kuge, founder of the foundation. The aim is to advance these projects while taking different interest groups into account. The amount of €35.000 euros comes from rental income from the Kuge Foundation and donations. Faubel contributed €10.000.

Foto: Richard Kasiewicz (Kuge-Stiftung)

Youth work at SG 09 Kirchhof: There is a handball camp for girls and boys four times a year during the holidays. A donation of €5.000 from the Kuge Foundation is intended to support the girls' handball department. Credit: Richard Kasiewicz / Kuge Stiftung