Faubel is 2019 Hessian Champion

Faubel-Med® Label wins the award in the "Innovation" category

Four companies were designated as "Hessian Champions" at the Hessian Entrepreneurs' Day 2019 – and Faubel was one of them! This time, our company was rewarded for its Faubel-Med® Label, a new generation of labels integrating e-paper displays and RFID technology.

For the 18th time in a row, the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development and the Federation of Hessian Trade Associations (VhU) paid tribute to special entrepreneurial achievements. A high-ranking jury from business, politics and the media selected winners from different categories – global market leader, job creator and innovation.

"This award is an acknowledgment for our innovative spirit and a tribute to the commitment of our employees," said a delighted Martin Kuge, Managing Director at Faubel, who received the prize together with Sven Rath, Junior Advisor to the Managing Director for Marketing, Sales and New Technologies.

The Faubel-Med® Label is the latest development in the company's pharmaceutical label business. Because it is able to automatically update expiry dates, it is a true substitute for relabeling drugs when stability data changes. For research-based pharmaceutical industry, conducting global clinical trials means considerable savings in terms of time and cost management. On the patient side, development speeds up the availability of new therapies.

"The innovative and creative power of our entrepreneurs is particularly evident in the way they deal with new challenges. Digital transformation opens up great opportunities. Every day, people in our country do their best to make sure that these opportunities are seized," explained Minister President Bouffier in his award ceremony speech.

Hessen Champion 2019, Kategorie Innovation

Award ceremony at Wiesbaden's Kurhaus: Martin Kuge, Volker Bouffier and Sven Rath (from left to right)