Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs

CTS East Coast conference participants discussed the future of clinical trials

Alongside a large number of clinical trial experts, the Faubel Pharma Services team attended the 16th Clinical Trial Supply East Coast Conference which took place in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, on October 16 and 17, 2018.

Different strategies for optimizing and reducing costs were presented by over 20 speakers. The standardization of data collection and the reliability of parameters used for issuing forecasts were among the topics discussed. In addition, Rocco Barone, Associate Director at Merck, who was one of the speakers, highlighted the benefits of electronic labels for supply chains. "Our e-label solution, the Faubel-Med® Label, was developed in close collaboration with Merck, which is why we were able to answer a lot of questions about it after the presentation," Gus Lopez, National Sales Manager at Faubel Pharma Services explains.

Discussions often revolved around automatic updating in expiry dates as well as software and hardware implementation. In connection with this, Lopez emphasizes that "Faubel first analyzes the current state of the IT infrastructure together with the customer. That's the perfect basis for a smooth implementation of all the components we need."

Clinical Trial Supply

Welcome: Gus Lopez, who recently joined Faubel Pharma Services, has attended a Clinical Trial Supply conference for the first time.