Highlighting Career Prospects

Faubel rewarded for its commitment by the Schwalm-Eder Education Fund.

For the fifth time, the Schwalm-Eder Education Fund invited representatives from companies, schools and public authorities to its annual event. Managing Director Martin Kuge, who is in charge of Human Resources and Finance at Faubel, accepted the invitation on behalf of the company.

Sponsors who pledged funding for 2019 were recognized by the Education Fund after its support committee reported on regional career guidance activities. One of these sponsors was Faubel which has been supporting the education fund for years. Martin Kuge explained his company's long-term commitment by saying "that it is important to show young people what job prospects there are if you want to reach and recruit them. In doing so, careers fairs and projects facilitate the transition between school and work."

Bildungsfonds Schwalm-Eder

Fully committed to supporting young people's future careers: County Supervisor Winfried Becker (left), Martin Kuge and Michael Sack, representatives of the Schwalm-Eder Education Fund. © Fotografische Werkstatt