How Childproof is Medicine Packaging?

A report by CBS News sheds new light on the risk of medicine poisoning in young children.

A new report by the non-profit organization Safe Kids Worldwide finds that in the U.S a child is rushed to the emergency room for an medicine-related poisoning every nine minutes, on average.

In their homes, children often playfully mimic adults while watching them take their medication. Toddlers in particular cannot tell the difference between tablets, pills and sweets.

In addition to safely storing the drugs, experts in the CBS News report point out that using blister packaging for medicinal products is highly advisable.

CRSF Label

A few years ago Faubel took on the subject of child safety and developed a child-resistant and senior-friendly labeling solution for standard blisters. The so-called CRSF label (child-resistant and senior-friendly) is an efficient way of making blister cards child-resistant using mechanical or manual processing. This labeling solution is certified according to EN 134375 and US 16 CRF § 1700.20 (F1) and therefore meets the highest safety standards.

Faubel-CRSF Label

The CRSF Label makes blister cards child-resistant using mechanical and manual processing.