Labeling Vaccines

Wrap Around Labels on vials and syringes for identification and record keeping purposes

Vaccines are often filled in vials or syringes. To label such tiny containers Faubel has developed the Wrap Around Label that wraps itself several times around the round shaft of the container, offering maximum content space. This way, it is easy to comply with the guidelines on the readability of medication labels. Labels can be resealed after each opening.

Documentation stickers for patients' medical records

To keep track of vaccine administration in patients' medical records properly and durably, Wrap Around Labels can be provided with one or several peelable documentation stickers which are also writable. In medical practices as in hospitals documentation stickers facilitate treatment and ensure seamless traceability. In addition, these labels can be upgraded with tamper-evident protection giving indication on package integrity in vials or syringes.

Wrap Around Labels are available as single-layer, multi-layer or booklet labels.

Wrap Around Label mit 10 Docu-Stickern

This Wrap Around Label features ten writable documentation stickers