LogiMAT 2020

From March 10 to 12, 2020, Faubel will be presenting paperless labels for the intralogistics industry in Stuttgart

While transport and storage boxes can be reused, their paper labels often cannot. For these boxes to be labeled in a flexible and durable way, Faubel will present a selection of e-paper displays in different sizes and for various logistics applications at LogiMAT, in Hall 4, Booth G17.

Battery-free e-paper displays

Reusable transport boxes are re-labeled as soon as their contents or shipping address changes. Data can be updated using readers or smartphones whenever e-paper displays are used instead of paper labels. Some of these displays work without batteries, such as our Faubel-Logistics Labels.

In addition, information about the whereabouts of specific boxes can be retrieved from the RFID technology contained in Faubel-Logistics Labels. Being able to locate and identify boxes simplifies a whole range of intralogistics processes. For example, it is possible to display where the next station in production will be with the relevant job instruction or additional information — and that not only once, but at each step in production.

Protected by sturdy enclosures, Faubel-Logistics Labels then become shipping labels. Enclosures can be screwed or glued onto transport boxes, inserted or attached to them using Velcro tape. They are therefore easy to remove i.e. for cleaning boxes or for labeling other boxes.

Presentation at LogiMAT

In her presentation, Petra Schäffner, Business Development Manager at Faubel, will use examples to demonstrate how suitable e-paper displays are for various intralogistics applications. Her talk is scheduled for March 10, 2020 at 16:15 in Hall 4.

LogiMAT 2020, Faubel-Logistics Label

QR and Data Matrix codes can also be displayed on batteryless Faubel Logistics Labels with a 116-dpi resolution