Nature to Take Away

VILSA chooses post seed® for its sustainability campaign

Since January of this year, VILSA Mineralwasser has been decorating its beverage crates with post seed® cardboard front walls. These are giveaways from the "Feel nature with VILSA" campaign that is dedicated to a matter close to the heart of the North German family business: protecting and preserving the environment.

Crate wall with added value

The idea of creating an original crate wall with added plant value developed while the campaign was being devised. This project was coordinated by Andreas Bartling who is Business Development Manager for North Germany at Faubel. "post seed® is a perfect match for the VILSA campaign. Consumers take home something natural in two respects: mineral water and seeds."

Thanks to the support of Faubel's product developers, a sturdy cardboard wall was created for VILSA's beverage crates. Featuring the campaign motif on its front, the double-layered wall contains a seed band which can be easily removed and planted.

At the beginning of January, Faubel produced a first batch of crate walls containing basil seeds. Two more batches containing wildflower and cress seeds are due to follow later this year. "Not only can we design the print image and format of post seed® according to customers' wishes, but we can also help them grow different flowers, herbs, vegetables and grasses from these seeds." explains Bartling. This great diversity of choice and smooth cooperation have convinced Ilka Scholz that she made the right choice for the VILSA campaign by opting for post seed® and Faubel. "This natural advertising tool is a successful complement to our sustainable products," concluded Ilka Scholz, Trade Marketing Manager at VILSA.

post seed, VILSA, Faubel Creative Solutions

VILSA's "Feeling Nature" campaign attracts consumers' attention at the point of sale, adds value to the product and contributes to conserving nature.