No 1 in pharmacy and medicine

Faubel wins Healthcare Award 2016.

An international jury of scientists and experts from the healthcare sector awarded the "Healthcare & Life Science Award" to the Faubel-Compact® Label in the category 'Best in Labeling Solutions 2016'. The booklet label of the Melsungen custom printer was acclaimed as an innovative solution contributing "to improving the treatment of patients around the world" according to the jury.

Being useful

Frank Jäger, Faubel's Managing Director, sees it as a confirmation of the company's work: "We are very pleased to see that our labels now find worldwide recognition. Our ambition is to identify needs and develop labels that bring real benefits to users." The Faubel-Compact® Label offers up to 113 pages of space for detailed user information and legal content in different languages. This enables worldwide distribution and can mean great savings potential for pharmacists. Label processing is also efficient: booklet labels are produced at a maximum speed of 40 meters per minute and can be applied fully automatically to the products concerned.

Design was another decisive criterion for winning the award. Offering more content area, the Faubel-Compact® Label can accommodate a clear structure and a reader-friendly font size. Moreover, additional label elements such as documentation stickers for patient records or brackets for hanging infusion bottles facilitate hospital routines. "These positive aspects have been rewarded and are giving us motivation to develop future projects", says Jäger.

Hard work wins: Frank Jäger holding the Healthcare Award 2016.