OCT UK & Ireland

As part of the global programme of Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conferences Faubel took part in this year's event in London July 1-2nd, for the first time.

Anthony Morrow, Business Development Manager for UK, Ireland and Scandinavia said "With the UK still at the forefront of niche scientific research, and a key hub for most international pharmaceutical companies, this is a great opportunity for Faubel to present their latest developments in clinical trial label solutions and share some new concepts that we will bring to the industry".

Faubel have developed their portfolio in recent years to complement their existing product range including bespoke label design services, Routing and data handling, Blinding Solutions, Overprinting of variable data and CRSF solutions. With this additional full-service offering Faubel are able to create trust and security for their clients as they continue to contribute towards the success of every clinical study.

From left Frank Jäger, Faubel's managing director and Anthony Morrow, Business Development Manager for UK, Ireland und Skandinavia.