Optimal adhesion

Modern climatic test chambers to check adhesive properties.

Demands on labels are growing steadily. They do not only convey information, but also perform functions, as demonstrated by the Hanger Label for infusion bottles, and they are used in various industries worldwide.

In order to meet these growing requirements, Faubel's test laboratory has been equipped with a further climatic test chamber at the beginning of this year. The idea is to test the resistance of adhesives used in various temperature and humidity ranges.

Temperature and humidity values may vary when labels are being produced, applied, stored or used. As a result, adhesives are exposed to changing conditions. Our test chamber covers temperatures ranging from 0°C to + 70°C as well as humidity levels of 10 to 90% (RH). Furthermore, it is possible to simulate climate cycles.

As Managing Director Frank Jäger explains it: "In recent years we have already invested in low-temperature plants to meet the demand for chilled and frozen drugs. This increase in capacity is key as it will enable us to test different humidity levels from now on." So far, Faubel has had to rely on external labs for such tests.

"We are pleased to be able to include that kind of service in our portfolio. This way, we can react internally to product development requirements involving extreme temperatures and humidity levels with the necessary speed and efficiency." This is how we can check the optimum adhesion of adhesives and therefore secure our high quality standards.

climatic test chambers adhesive properties temperatures and humidity levels

On the test bench: adhesives are tested inside a climatic chamber at different temperatures and humidity levels.