Product of the Year Selected by materialfluss

Faubel nominated for its Faubel-Logistics Label in the category "Ident Technology"

At the beginning of this year, the trade journal materialfluss selected the “Product of the Year 2021” from the readers’ ballots. With its Logistics Label, Faubel made it to the category "ident technology" among the 80 nominees in 8 categories.

Faubel-Logistics Label: Electronic Displays in Intralogistics

The Faubel-Logistics Label is to be used to mark transport and storage boxes. "We have developed e-paper displays in different sizes and for different logistics processes in order to make sure that boxes can be marked in a flexible and durable way. Data and processes can be visualized using our RFID and e-paper technology. We offer our customers a comprehensive service package going from software development down to system integration," says Frank Jäger, Managing Director for Marketing, Sales and New Technologies.

We are pleased to be have been nominated and eagerly awaiting the final decision.

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We are delighted to be among the nominees for the materialfluss "Product of the Year 2021" award