Putting an End to Time Wasters

Employees rewarded for universal database idea

Sixteen ideas, seven awards, a total of 6,600 euros in bonuses  ̶  that's the outcome of Ideas Management 2020. Every year, Faubel employees submit ideas that save the company time, money, or material. "It is unusual for an idea to bring about such an improvement across all departments. That's why we're so excited about it," explains Marco Dieling, Chairman of Faubel's Works Council and Head of the Product Development Department. What he has in mind is the idea brought up by Helena Martens and Max Deiss, who are in charge of processes upstream of printing at Production Planning.

80 Pages at a Mouse Click

"We have to take a lot of technical specifications into account when we compile the print data required for a booklet label. So far, we have had to compile Word and Excel files of almost 80 pages to describe such specifications. That is how Helena Martens explains the origin of her idea. With Markus Berge’s support, the department head, she and her colleague Max Deiss designed a database that can display all the specifications and check their feasibility quickly and clearly. "Over the past two years, we've developed the concept, programmed the database, transferred the content, and arranged for production tests to take place to standardize technical benchmarks."

The new database is used by various departments: Production Planning, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and many others. "In 2020 alone, Faubel saved 22,000 euros in labor costs as less effort was required. Still, there are a lot of benefits that we cannot even quantify," says Marco Dieling, who sits on the Ideas Management Board. Besides a good idea, he wished to pay tribute to Helena Martens and Max Deisse’s unusual initiative: "They have gained considerable new knowledge. In addition, they coordinated the entire project while continually updating the database."

Faubel's ideas management, which promotes active employee participation in Faubel's development, has been an integral part of the company policy for years.

Ideenmanagement 2021

Marco Dieling (center) presenting Helena Martens and Max Deiss with a certificate and a cash prize for the idea they submitted