Remaining Faithful

Faubel relies on long-term employee loyalty.

Label specialist Faubel has grown considerably in recent years. From early 2017 to January 2019 alone, the number of employees rose from 211 to 255. "In all departments, there are new employees who need to fit into existing teams. When we recruit staff, we take time to make sure that all the parties involved feel comfortable with the final decision. This effort has been rewarded with low employee turnover", principal shareholder Reinhard Kuge explains.

The 15 employees thanked by the company for their many years of service also confirm this positive effect. They have been working for Faubel for 10, 20, 25 or 30 years, some of them even since their apprenticeship. They work in various departments, including sheet-fed and web printing, accounting, prepress, purchasing, finishing, and project management.

Good prospects

In addition to clever staffing, there are special benefits such as anniversary bonuses, profit sharing, holiday and Christmas bonuses that may well motivate employees to remain loyal to their employer. "Staff expertise is one of the cornerstones of Faubel's success, especially abroad. In 2018 our joint efforts were rewarded with a 60% export rate and a record turnover of 35 million euros that make us optimistic for things to come," says Kuge.

Faubel Personalpolitik

Principal shareholder Reinhard Kuge (front row, from left to right) with Miroslav Cugurovic (25 years), Alois Weidmann (25 years), Sandra Knaust (30 years), Verena Werner (10 years), Michael Klassen (10 years, back row, from left to right) ), Dirk Schade (10 years), Jörg Tramp (10 years), Holger Kördel (20 years), Birgit Ackermann (20 years), Martina Eckhardt (30 years), Susanne Braun (10 years) and Raissa-Maria Hübel (10 years). Are missing on the photo: Sabine Kleffner (30 years), Frank Dilchert (30 years) and Andreas Scharf (20 years).