Small Diameter Labeling

Syringe labeling was the talk of town in Seoul

Last year, the Clinical Trial Supply East Asia Conference took place in Seoul, South Korea from December 11 to 12. Yumeng Xu, Director of Business Development and Sales for Asia, and Project Manager Huahua Giersch took part in numerous workshops and looked after Faubel's tabletop display booth.

At the conference, syringe labeling was a popular topic of conversation, which according to Huahua Giersch was easy to explain: "The number of biopharmaceutical companies is growing in Asia. And they often use syringes as primary packaging for active ingredients. As a matter of fact, our wrap around labels are particularly suitable for labeling such small containers. They are available as single-layer but also as booklet labels where contents can be displayed in different languages in a legible way".

Clinical Trial Supply East Asia, Wrap Around Label

Shortly before the end of last year, Yumeng Xu (left) and Huahua Giersch flew to South Korea where they met with many new contacts.