Smart Labeling

Faubel presented latest developments in Smart Labeling.

At the CTS Conference in Barcelona, Frank Jäger, Faubel's Managing Director, explained how to increase patient adherence and enhance supply chain efficiency by using hybrid labels. These labels fulfill all regulatory requirements while featuring additional benefits in patient and site centricity. Our new easy-opening systems for booklets as well as the Faubel-Med® Label, a means of remotely updating expiry dates, received special attention from the visitors.

A week later Anthony Morrow, BDM for the UK and Scandinavia, held a webinar on the same topic. Our intention was to make this information available to persons who had not been able to join the conference. This was our first webinar ever and we were very pleased with the high number of attendees.

smart labeling

Frank Jäger reviewing the evolution of labeling.