Top Performer in Safety and Renewable Energy

Faubel receives an award for business sustainability.

Faubel has been honored by EcoVadis for its responsible business activities.

How much energy do our company buildings use? Are our employees adequately trained? Desirée Gross, who works in technical project management at Faubel, and her colleague Sabrina Kamsties, a quality assurance project engineer, dealt with these and 48 other questions on topics such as the environment, fair labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. "EcoVadis is an established platform that has assessed over 35,000 companies and works with large corporations such as Coca Cola, L'Oréal and Bayer. Because of its global orientation, we are all the happier about the award," explains Desirée Gross.

EcoVadis was particularly impressed by the environmentally friendly energy concept for the new building that was opened in June. "The use of process heat for heating as well as that of gas condensing technology and solar power was rated positively," says Sabrina Kamsties. EcoVadis also praised the low rate of work accidents resulting from broad preventive measures and good working conditions. For Desirée Gross, the EcoVadis assessment is both a sign of recognition and a boost: "With such a result, Faubel now ranks among the 30 top performers. Winning the silver award is an encouragement for us to repeatedly question how sustainable our action and behavior is and to drive improvements."

Sabrina Kamsties (left), Quality Assurance Project Engineer, and Desirée Gross, Technical Project Management, standing in one of Faubel's material warehouses.