Transformation and Digitization

Members of the Kassel-Marburg CCI visited Faubel.

What does digital transformation mean for SMEs? To answer this question, some members of the Kassel-Marburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kassel-Marburg CCI) met with Frank Jäger, Managing Director of Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH on March 5, 2019. When visiting the company, they gained insight into how the Melsungen specialist for functional labels was driving forward digital technologies and processes.

"In order to successfully implement digital transformation, we rely on five building blocks: strategy, business model, production, organization and employees," Frank Jäger explained. He shed light on why Faubel chose to drop their single niche strategy that focused on pharmaceutical labels to develop labels featuring RFID and display technology, for several years now. These digital elements have allowed us to tap into new markets such as logistics where labels with e-paper display are used and gradually replacing conventional paper labels.

Digital to replace analog

"Paper, as an analog medium, is increasingly losing ground – not only in our products, but also in the whole company. All areas are impacted by digitization – from IT-supported work flows down to online personnel recruitment," Jäger says.

During their tour, the CCI members had the opportunity to see how much Faubel had changed. Split in three groups, the visitors proceeded through all the stages required to manufacture thick booklet labels made of paper and foil. Sub­sequently, they turned their attention to the departments located in the new building that opened in 2018. These facilities provide the space and the equip­ment needed for producing the so-called Smart Labels and labels integrating RFID and e-paper technology.

(From left to right): Visibly pleased with an inspiring visit: Carsten Heustock, Leader of the Business Development Team at the Kassel-Marburg CCI with Faubel's managing directors Frank Ludwig, Frank Jäger and Martin Kuge.